The Università degli Studi di Firenze, Dipartimento di Meccanica e Tecnologie Industriali, (UNIFI) is an institution active in the higher education and research sector. The staff consists of 60 people of whom 40 are scientists and it comprises engineers, material experts, and biomechanics specialists.

UNIFI has a long lasting research activity in the field of transports with a specific focus on the automotive and Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) sectors. Research activities carried out in the department comprise NVH, numerical and experimental modelling of dynamic systems (e.g. modal analysis and forced response), modelling of uncertainties in dynamic systems, design of safety devices (e.g. semi-active suspensions) - included HMI devices -, virtual testing of PTWs both for crash and for simulation of handling manoeuvres, virtual testing of personal protective equipment (included airbag systems), accident analysis. Most of the above mentioned activities are performed within national and international partnerships.

UNIFI has expertise in all the above fields, but it has a special commitment and widely recognized skills for the road safety of PTWs. That is attested by the participation in most of the 6FP EC funded projects on PTW safety: APROSYS (Advanced Protective Systems) SP4 – motorcycle accidents (IP); APSN (Advanced Passive Safety Network), with the User Group on PTW safety (NoE); PISa (PTW Integrated Safety, STReP); MyMoSa (Motorcycle and Motorcyclist Safety, Marie Curie RTN).