CENTRO ZARAGOZA (The Research Institute for Automobile Repairs), was founded as a public limited company in 1987 by the initiative of 14 (now 26 associates) Insurance Companies from the automobile sector.

Road Safety and the management and control of material damages in the automobile insurance sector are the main aims of CZ. CZ researches, tests and studies the features, methods and systems to repair vehicles as well as the performance of the vehicles and traffic safety.

CENTRO ZARAGOZA acts as a spokesman for insurers and other society levels involved in the automobile field and traffic safety. CENTRO ZARAGOZA has developed plans with other companies involved in the automobile field such as; UNESPACEAICEA, APCAS, automobiles' manufacturers (ANFAC) and with every single car manufacturer placed in Spain, as well as the workshop associations, CETRAA and CONEPA, with Universities, with the State Insurance Office, with the State Traffic Office, with Local and Regional Police, with the Spanish Traffic Administrations and with RTD Centres from other countries across the RCAR.

CENTRO ZARAGOZA takes part in the Traffic Safety field by developing research projects in cooperation with the Spanish Traffic Administrations producing books and DVDs on over 25 different individual aspects of road safety which are available for this project.

Road Traffic Accident Investigation – this is another activity of CENTRO ZARAGOZA finding the causes of RTAs, the investigations produce a technical report that is sent to the insurance companies. Often the technical reports are used to reach agreements by common consent, but sometimes CZ staff are called to trials to ratify the technical reports as expert witnesses.

The techniques used to investigate and reconstruct traffic accidents progress continuously, so the experimentation is very important and CENTRO ZARAGOZA investigates new equipment for improving the effectiveness of taking the needed information ‘on-the-spot’ and new tools for collision analysis and reconstruction of the accident dynamics. So far CENTRO ZARAGOZA has concluded more than 1300 technical reports of traffic accident reconstructions.

Research and Development projects

CENTRO ZARAGOZA has been involved in some EU RTD projects, such as INVIEW -Interactive and Immersive Video from Multiple Images- (IST-2000-28459); the 2nd phase of the project -Quality Criteria for the Safety Assessment of Cars based on Real-World Crashescarried out by the Safety Rating Advisory Committee (SARAC II) for the EC, and is currently the coordinator of the SAFETY TECHNOPRO SSA - on New Safety Technologies for Road Transport (IST-2004-027373). CZ is also involved in many national projects on active and passive road safety in Spain

Role in the project of CENTRO ZARAGOZA

CENTRO ZARAGOZA has an ample experience in Traffic Accident Research, including investigation of causes of vulnerable road users’ accidents, such as two wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles). Its most important role in the project is the cooperation in the Characterisation of severe road traffic accidents concerning vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists (WP1),Review of Standards – Current Science & Technology (WP2),Development of RRS materials and barrier profile (WP3), Integration and demonstration of the new RSS (WP6), and its dissemination and exploitation (WP7).