Applus+ IDIADA, as a global partner to the automotive industry worldwide, supports clients in their product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to fit their needs.

Its success in product development is built on the combination of highly experienced and motivated engineers and best-in-class test and development facilities, client focus and the constant drive towards innovation.

A large team of 900 engineers drawn from over 25 countries, as well as an international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 15 countries ensure clients will be given fast and customized services. Applus+ IDIADA is present in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India and Brazil.

Testing & Engineering: Applus+ IDIADA provides an extensive range of engineering and testing services in the fields of passive and active safety, powertrain, comfort, reliability, electronics and materials and processes. Applus IDIADA undertakes complete vehicle development projects applying tailor-made project management solutions based on the requirements of each project. Applus IDIADA's expertise in both physical and virtual testing means maximum efficiency in cost and time. Its engineering solutions are driven by the ongoing pursuit of excellence and research in the best technology.

Proving ground: Applus+ IDIADA offers the most comprehensive independent proving ground in Europe and the highest level of customer support combined with first-class test tracks and fully-equipped confidential workshops. Excellent climatic conditions allow for year-round testing.

The allocation of a dedicated customer service representative for each testing team ensures that the testing program runs smoothly and that objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

Homologation: Applus+ IDIADA has a large team of engineers specializing in the homologation of all types of vehicles and systems, ready to travel worldwide in response to clients' needs. Its broad experience in homologation management ensures maximum efficiency and short lead times. Applus+ IDIADA issues official certificates according to EC Directives and ECE Regulations within Europe, and is recognised internationally as an authorised technical service and consultant in regulations. Its fields of competence in the homologation sector include passenger cars & components, commercial vehicles and motorcycles & helmets.